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About us

"If you want to get somewhere, it's best to find someone who has already been there."

Robert Kiyosaki

ime Systems Sp. z o.o.

In 2019, when establishing the Polish branch of the IME Group, we aimed to create a dedicated company for the Polish and Eastern European markets. From the very beginning, our goal was to execute projects in this area even faster and more comprehensively. Thanks to our industry expertise and our employees with years of experience, we are the best partner for our customers.

We are a part of the IME Group

The IME Group, led by ime Elektrotechnik GmbH in Berlin, is one of the leading European providers of services and electrical components for the railway sector. Our group's roots date back to 1980, and we have always been passionate about the world of railways. At IME, we advise and supply manufacturers of rail vehicles, their users, and service companies with electrical components and systems. Together with our partners, we focus on development, trust, and full commitment to our projects.

Out of passion for our work

The mission of our company is a continuous pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to provide high-quality components and services that support the development of sustainable and safe rail transportation. We aim to be a reliable partner. By offering innovative solutions that improve efficiency, energy savings, and safety on railway tracks and in urban transportation, we gain trust in the industry.

Our company is guided by the values of quality and reliability, while also striving to meet our customers' needs and contribute to mutual development.

“If there is any one secret to success, it is the ability to take another’s point of view and see from that perspective just as easily as from your own.”

Henry Ford


This is how we strive to operate at IME.

Your problem is our problem.

From the beginning to the end of the project, we support your vision for repairing, modernizing, or constructing rail vehicles.

As passionate enthusiasts of rail transportation, we have already solved many of our customers’ problems.


“Quality remembers much longer than price.”

Gucci family motto


We are proud that we can provide high-quality components and systems, which further obligates us to maintain our high standard and continue improving every day.


President of the company’s management

Bartosz Konowecki

Nasi Klienci

Zadowoleni klienci to dla nas wielka nagroda i przyjemność, dlatego chcemy stawać się dla was jeszcze lepsi

Our Services

Here are some of the key services from our constantly expanding range.

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Visual Monitoring in Rail Vehicles

We offer components and complete production systems from well-known and respected industry companies (e.g., Vivotek). We operate in accordance with the latest cybersecurity guidelines, including the NIS2 directive.

Object Detection and Classification - Image Analysis

Our cameras and other devices can successfully recognize and classify objects, identify threats, and other event scenarios.

Automatic Passenger Counting

We deliver, install, and configure complete systems and components for automatic passenger counting in rail vehicles and beyond. Our customers analyze passenger flows and other acquired data in dedicated applications.

AMFE Fire Suppression Systems

"Innovative fire extinguishing devices designed for electrical cabinets (e.g., in rail vehicles) and other enclosed spaces.

"Electrical Components

In our extensive portfolio, we also have electrical components for rail vehicles, hard-to-find parts that require redesign, addressing obsolescence, or implementing another dedicated solution.

Mechanical Parts

We are also able, if the project requires it, to redesign or create mechanical parts from scratch, whether they are made of steel or plastics. We also create prototypes using 3D printing technology.

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